Pure Piano
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Explore an expanse
of sonic landscapes,
that resonate deeply.

Pure Upright
Stradivari Cello

Immerse yourself in the beauty
of the quintessential
upright piano sound
for iPhone & iPad

Stradivari Cello
Stradivari Cello
Stradivari Cello

It has taken hundreds of years
for composers to have an instrument
of this quality in their music. Now the
deep, weighty timbre of this Italian
national treasure is available as
a standalone virtual instrument.

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e-instruments are a family of forward-thinking music instrument creators who provide ultra-realistic, expressive virtual instruments that deliver truly remarkable results. We are here to help our customers surpass their sonic and creative limits and ultimately find fulfilment and satisfaction on their musical journey.

We understand that every musician has a unique voice and artistic vision. That's why our virtual instruments offer a range of customizable parameters, allowing you to shape and mould the sound to suit your music.

From tonal adjustments and effects to performance controls and articulations, our instruments empower you to explore new sonic territories and unlock your true creative potential. Whether you're composing for film, producing tracks in the studio, or performing live on stage, our instruments provide the tools you need to realize your musical vision with precision and authenticity.

Browse our collection, explore our demos, and discover the perfect virtual instrument to elevate your music.

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