With Valves PRO, you'll find a wealth of inspiration for both ensemble and solo performances. Craft captivating melodies, layer emotive ensembles, and infuse your compositions with a richness and expressiveness that knows no bounds.


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Valves Pro offers a rich palette of 62 articulations, expertly captured in both condenser and ribbon mic variations. They include short, long, and time-based articulations, each meticulously curated to infuse your compositions with warmth, mellowness, and expressive depth and are tempo-synced to your host.

Valves Pro offers two distinct microphone options. Experience the detailed, natural, and breathy essence of the condenser mic content, capturing every nuance with pristine clarity. Alternatively, you may choose the warmth and mellow tones of the ribbon mic content, enhanced by the characterful saturation of mic preamps for a touch of vintage charm.

Solo Instrument

Solo Instrument

With each of the five instruments available as individual solo instruments, you have the power to compose captivating melodies and craft your own unique ensemble parts. The solo instrument provides maximum flexibility and artistic freedom. It’s your personal canvas for musical expression.

Experience the brilliance of the Virtuoso articulation, a performance tool that intelligently selects articulations based on velocity or pitch bend. This innovative feature makes sketching out parts effortless, allowing you to focus on capturing the essence of your musical ideas without being limited by technicalities.

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Ensemble Instrument

The Valves Pro ensemble instrument puts the entire brass ensemble at your fingertips. With this instrument, you have the ability to assign any articulation to each instrument per keyswitch, setting up rows of ensemble articulations that seamlessly blend together.

Experience the transformative Auto Divisi feature, which intelligently assigns notes across the ensemble. This ingenious technology ensures that the notes in your chords are played just as a real brass quintet would, delivering an authentic and harmonically rich sound.

Compose with confidence as you harness the dynamic capabilities of the ensemble. Valves Pro’s ensemble instrument empowers you to create music that resonates with unparalleled depth and grandeur.

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The Phrase Player

Experience the enhanced power of the Phrase Player in Valves Pro, building upon the success of its smaller sibling, Valves. With over double the number of articulations and professionally arranged phrases, the Phrase Player is a treasure trove of inspiration for your compositions.

Utilize the preset phrases as a launching pad, or take control and craft your own unique phrases from scratch. Place tempo-synced articulations on the grid, allowing the player engine to bring your composition to life while you focus on perfecting the chord progressions.

Use the Moments slider to unlock evolving variations, breathing new life into your musical creations. Adjust the loop braces of each instrument, creating undulating counter rhythms that add an exhilarating sense of unpredictability to your brass textures.

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Mixer and FX

Every articulation in Valves Pro was meticulously recorded in isolation, offering unparalleled flexibility in shaping your sound.

Access the individual instrument levels, solo, and mute to customise your ensemble mixes and dive into a world of sonic exploration with the versatile effects section. Discover two send effects and two master effects slots, presenting a staggering selection of 72 effect presets to choose from. Immerse your sound in captivating reverbs, intricate delays, expressive filters, EQs, enticing saturation, and much more.

But the excitement doesn’t stop there. Valves Pro introduces an LFO on the master effects, opening up a realm of thrilling sound design possibilities. Inject movement and modulation into your mix, adding a dynamic and evolving character to your compositions.

Maximum Realism

At e-instruments, we strive for nothing less than the highest sound quality and utmost realism. To achieve this, we embarked on a meticulous recording process that captured the essence of a real brass section.

We assembled a team of leading session players and recorded them as an ensemble, guided by a conductor via a live video feed. However, we took it a step further by providing each instrumentalist with their own isolated recording room. This approach grants you unparalleled control and flexibility when it comes to mixing and effects processing, ensuring an authentic and customizable sound.

Coupled with our innovative features such as Auto Divisi, Polyphonic Legato for individual note re-triggering within a phrase, and realistic re-tongue behavior, the result is the realization of a brass quintet that sounds remarkably true to life.

The main page of the ensemble instrument providing articulation assignment across the entire quintet

The solo instrument main page displaying the tuba and articulation assignments below

The main page of the groundbreaking player instrument with 'Moments' slider, phrase overview and global controls

The solo instrument selection panel for choosing the solo instrument you wish to use

The beating heart of the player, with over 200 preset phrases ready to use out the box

The articulation selection panel with 62 articulations to choose from

The mixer provides total control over levels, send and master effects, tempo-synced LFOs, and more

Feature Summary

The Ensemble

Five-Piece Brass Ensemble; Flugelhorn, French Horn, Trombone, Euphonium and Tuba


Three sampler instrument patches, including Solo, Ensemble, and Phrase Player


All instruments were recorded in isolation whilst being tracked as an ensemble for untouchable flexibility with mixing and FX


62 articulations, including crescendos, decrescendos, evolving sustains, swells, waves and more

Mic Selection

All articulations provided as condenser or ribbon mic content

Host Sync

All time-based articulations are synced to the host tempo


Chromatically sampled for the highest sound quality. All articulations provided as condenser or ribbon mic content

Polyphonic Legato

Polyphonic legato on sustain articulations


Ensemble patch with Auto Divisi to allocate chord notes automatically to the correct instrument

Phrase Player

Innovative phrase player with over 200 presets for instantly creating interweaving, evolving brass phrases


Over 200 ready-to-use preset phrases


36 Send FX and 36 Master FX to choose from, both with two FX slots each.


Full mix control over levels, mute, solo and pan


Automatable Character and Dynamics controls for the most expressive performance

NKS 2 Compatible

Valves Pro is both NKS and NKS2 compatible

Technical Specifications

  • Native Instruments NKS and NKS 2 compatible
  • Download Size: 30.9 GB
  • 24-bit, 48 kHz

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