Session Strings Pro 2 features a mid-sized contemporary string ensemble – meticulously sampled with an extensive range of articulations for expressive playing. A modern instrument featuring several smart-play features that helps spark creativity. With its immaculate, intimate quality, unique musical workflow and vibrant, modern edge, Session Strings Pro 2 is the premium choice for pop, R&B and more.


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Product Overview

Introduction to Session String Pro 2

Introduction to Session Strings 2

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Session Strings 2 The Sequel

The Sequel

Building on the immensely popular SESSION STRINGS PRO, SESSION STRINGS PRO 2 combines a refreshed sound with a newly designed modern interface – plus several innovative features to help you quickly realize your creative vision.

SESSION STRINGS PRO 2 offers up to eight violins, six violas, four celli, and four double basses. Use the existing instrument configuration or create your own custom ensemble of up to eight players. Choose from traditional or modern seating positions to adjust the stereo positioning of sections.

Session Strings 2 Pro Maximum Expression

Maximum Expression

SESSION STRINGS PRO 2 offers 26 articulations, including legato, portamento, and glissando as well as multiple crescendi, trills, scoops, falls, and glissandi.

Add realistic, nuanced expression to your string arrangement by drawing from a vast array of playing articulations.

The dry, intimate samples accurately capture vintage instruments played by in-demand session pros.

Pull out individual instrument groups, or play full ensembles mapped across the keyboard.

Enhanced Workflow

Session Strings Pro 2 incorporates a wealth of play assistance features, including True Legato, Smart Voice Split, and Smart Chord.

True Legato

Engage true legato, portamento, or glissando. Each note has its own correct transition.

Smart Voice Split

Ensure natural chord voicing with notes that are automatically allocated to the correct instrument group.

Smart Chord

Generate fully orchestrated ensemble chords from single keys.

Rythym Animator

Add motion to chords with the rhythm animator – an arpeggiator with assignable articulations, chord, and note options per step.

Transforms chords into energetic and musical patterns and choose from a large number of pre-sets or create your own groove, building seamless rhythmic patches and ostinatos.

Phrase Animator

Use the Phrase Animator to quickly create new arrangements with unique, customizable patterns and phrases. The Phrase Animator offers an intuitive and inspiring way to create strings phrases that follow your harmonies.

Design Your Section

Add a gentle finish to your composition or change the sound dramatically!

Select the size and instrumentation of your string section as an alternative to the full ensemble.

Transform the sound with a turn of one knob using the powerful Color effect or tweak the mix using the build-in mixing console with insert and send effects, including dynamics, EQ, delay, and convolution reverb.

Feature Summary


Mid-sized contemporary strings ensemble


Mid-sized contemporary strings section with two separate seating positions: Modern and Traditional


Ensemble and separate violin, viola, cello and bass patches

Smart Chord

Smart Chord to create fully orchestrated string chords from single keys or pads

Smart Voice Split

Allocate chord notes automatically to the correct instrument group

Phrase Animator

Phrase Animator with 180 flexible string arrangements

Rhythm Animator

Fully editable Rhythm Animator with 264 patterns


Mixer page to set volumes, effects and processing of individual instrument groups


Colour master effect with 51 unique convolution based multi effects

NKS Compatible

Seamless integration with Native Instruments hardware controllers for browsing, tagging, sound previews, pre-mapped parameters, and more

Technical Specifications

  • Native Instruments NKS compatible
  • Download Size: 38 GB
  • 24-bit, 44.1 kHz

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