Pure Upright is a professional multi-sampled Upright Piano on your iPhone or iPad that puts the Upright at your fingertips. Perfect for almost any genre, Pure Upright captures the uniquely recognizable sound of the characterful upright piano and makes it as wonderfully playable as our acclaimed Pure Piano for iOS.

Official Trailer

Pure Upright Trailer

Pure Upright Trailer

Pure Upright Walkthrough

Pure Upright Walkthrough

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Pure Upright Audio Demo
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Showing Pure Upright UI on a tablet


Similar to an XY pad in its flat, tactile nature, the Morphpad offers up nine different timbres of the piano for you to explore as you guide your finger seamlessly through the wide variety of tonal colours available to you. As you do so, the various timbres blend together allowing you to create your own sounds comprising combinations of neighbouring presets for you to save and recall. It doesn’t stop there either. The Morphpad is linked to the app’s inbuilt EQ, reverb and delay and so operates as a macro control adding even more to the experience by way of ever changing texture and atmosphere, all from just one single piano.

Pure Upright The Upright

The Upright

The upright sound is vastly different from that of the grand piano. Arguably, the upright is more familiar to most, not only because they’re more commonly found in homes, but also due to the countless number of hit records that they appear on. Rather than the traditional classical sound, synonymous with the sound of the grand piano, the upright offers bags of character and desirable imperfections. When you play an upright you can’t help but feel connected to the instrument by the way the chords resonate. That’s what Pure Upright feels like. Close Up. Intimate. Real.

Showing Pure Upright UI on a tablet


Connect via USB, Standard MIDI, Network or Bluetooth MIDI to experience the sound of a professional upright piano through your headphones or speakers. The app also supports direct connection to your Mac using Inter Device Audio (IDAM). This enables you to easily integrate Pure Upright into your desktop projects by sending MIDI and receiving audio with one single cable. Inter-App Audio also supported for triggering the piano from other apps that you might have installed.

Pure Upright Compatibility


Whether you simply want to open the app and start playing piano or wish to use it in your favourite iOS music production software such as Cubasis or Garageband… we have you covered. Pure Upright works as a standalone app or as an AUv3 plug-in within your iOS DAW of choice. Not only that, but providing the DAW supports automation, you can record your morphpad movements in real-time and adjust the transitions later should you wish to do so.

Showing Pure Upright UI on a tablet


Equipped with Zynaptiq QREV reverb technology, sound creation becomes even more creative. Maybe you want to add a long reverb tail to add some extra atmosphere, adjust the 3-band EQ or experiment with some delay. It’s up to you. With “Control by Morphpad” turned on, the Morph Pad cursor will act as a macro control changing the FX settings as you move it. Simply unlink any of the audio effects from the Morphpad to dial in your own settings.

Pure Upright Customization


The mechanics page of the app offers the ability to adjust the amount of key and pedal noise to your taste. Add in more for a close mic, intimate sound to feel like you’re sitting at the piano. Or remove the noise completely for the cleanest upright sound. Additionally, the stretched, piano tuning provides rich tonal chord textures across the entire range in comparison to the equal temperament tuning, the standard western tuning scheme, best for when layering Pure Upright with other sounds like electric pianos, pads or strings. Also provided is the ability to transpose the piano up or down in either semi-tones or Hz for fine-tuning and a customizable velocity curve so that you can match the velocity response of the piano to your playing style and controller keyboard.

Feature Summary

Interactive Morph Pad

Explore the many timbres of the upright piano as you guide your finger seamlessly through the wide-ranging tonal palette of the upright

Sound Palette

Mix and blend between nine core sounds, all synonymous with the distinctive sound of an upright to sit perfectly in more modern music genres

Studio Quality Audio

Studio Quality Audio at Ultra-low Latency – Expertly recorded and optimised for iOS

Extensive Connectivity

Connect via USB, direct or Bluetooth MIDI to experience the sound of a professional upright piano through your headphones or speakers


Standalone and AUv3 plug-in compatible - Plug and play, or use within your favourite iOS music production software

Zynaptic Reverb

Zynaptiq QREV Reverb – Have fun adding extra atmosphere and depth to your sound


3-Band EQ and Delay – Get creative with customizable EQ and Delay, or use the Morphpad as a macro control


Save and Load Your Own Presets – Wherever you land on the Morphpad, if you like the sound you hear – save it and recall it again later


Flexible Tuning Options – Choose between equal or stretched tuning, and transpose the piano by semitones or Hz


Customizable velocity curve – Match the response of your keyboard to Pure Piano

Technical Specifications

  • 24-bit, 44.1 kHz
  • Requires iOS 15 or above
  • 1.22 GB installation