Stradivari Cello captures every detail and nuance of an historic, beautiful instrument, preserving the sound of this one-of-a-kind instrument for future generations. Built in 1700 by arguably the finest luthier of all time, Stradivari’s “Stauffer'' cello is famed for its rich, warming tones — perfect for adding depth and character to anything from classical string arrangements to modern-day, contemporary productions.


Stradivari Cello Walkthrough

Stradivari Cello Walkthrough
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The Making Of Stradivari

Making Of Stradivari Violin

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The 'Stauffer' Cello

The 'Stauffer' Cello

This Cremonese masterpiece was created in c.1700 by the legendary Italian luthier Antonio Stradivari. It was around this time that he decided to reduce the dimensions of his cellos which had previously been much larger in size. Important research by the Hill brothers shows the first clearly documented history of the instrument arriving in the hands of a young Parisian musician named Lisa Christiani, who went on to impress audiences with her beautiful cello compositions. Considered to be a national treasure of Italy, it now stands in the Museo del Violino after its last owner Walter Stauffer, president of the Centro di Musicologica.

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Human Vibrato

The e-instruments innovation of performance captured vibrato takes the recording of a professional violinist’s vibrato technique, then reapplies the behavior of the vibrato parameters to the sample, allowing you to automate or control in real-time, resulting in full and realistic control for an expressive and natural sound.



The numerous articulations recorded include long, short, expressive, dynamic, and special articulations, all with up to three legato transitions. The adaptive Virtuoso articulation intelligently combines multiple articulations in real-time using the velocity, note, and pitch bend information sent from your MIDI controller performance.

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True Solo Cello

Every single note of the Stradivari cello has been painstakingly sampled at different dynamics and phase-aligned in stereo across multiple microphones. This ensures that all dynamic transitions are free from any phasing artifacts and dynamic changes over long legato transitions, from the softest pianissimo to the most forceful fortissimo, are indistinguishable from that of a real cello.

CELLO Shape Your Sound

Shape Your Sound

Two Kontakt instruments provide a choice between Multi-Mic and Stereo. The Multi-Mic option provides a mixer within the UI offering control over the “close”, “mid” and “far” audio fields. The Stereo offers a stereo mixdown of all three. This gives the player flexibility and customization over the sound when mixing, or a more CPU and RAM efficient instrument for maximizing workflow when composing.

CRE Choose Your Timbre

Choose Your Timbre

The “Smart” position algorithm will select the fingerboard position that a professional cellist would most likely choose to play a musical phrase. The “Low String” and “High String” options allow you to determine the timbre you wish to get from the cello, forcing a lower or higher string to be played. The lower string will result in a more mellow timbre, whereas forcing a high string will create a brighter, clearer timbre.

Feature Summary


Solo Cello

Finger Position

Select the fingerboard position to determine the timbre you wish to get from the instrument


Multi-channel, stereo phase-aligned dynamic layers

Multi-Mic Option

Mix between close, mid and far mic positions


Additional room noise control


Performance-captured vibrato emulates human vibrato technique and provides total control and flexibility


20 Professionally played articulations


Up to 3 legato transitions per articulation

Virtuoso Articulation

Combines multiple playing techniques without the need for key switching

NKS Compatible

Seamless integration with Native Instruments hardware controllers for browsing, tagging, sound previews, pre-mapped parameters, and more

Technical Specifications

  • Native Instruments NKS compatible
  • Download Size: 24.8 GB
  • 24-bit, 48 kHz

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