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With 24 GB of samples and 40 presets for different genres, you can add truly iconic sounds of vintage soul to your music. Vibrant brings the warm, vintage, soulful sound of the Rhodes Stage Mark I, the Rhodes Suitcase, the Wurlitzer 200A and the Hohner Clavinet D6 together in one authentic, accessible plug-in for Steinberg HALion and HALion Sonic.

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The Clavi

One of the most sought-after vintage keyboards, the Clavinet is an unmistakable sound on countless classic recordings from Stevie Wonder to Led Zeppelin. Its punchy, percussive feel lending itself perfectly to every genre. We meticulously tracked down a genuine 1974 model, lovingly restored it and recorded it via tube preamps to bring the energetic, dynamic tones of a musical legend into the 21st century.


The Stage

From Lounge to Fusion, from Jazz to Electro: across the genres the Stage Mark I ‘s unique sound is instantly recognizable, with its clear, bell-like character and smooth tone producing everything from mellow soundscapes to barking riffs. Based on a vintage 1976 model recorded through high-end pre-amps and A/D converters, Vibrant’s Stage interface delivers the nuances of this evocative classic sound effortlessly to your compositions.


The Wurli

The Wurli is the sound of some of the most iconic hits of the last few decades and helped define the very characteristics of Fusion, Disco, Funk, and Pop. We searched obsessively for the perfect original instrument to replicate the hit-making sound, followed by weeks of specialist restoration. Vibrant’s Wurli captures all the warmth, versatility and dynamic range of the original, offering limitless inspiration and variety from Vibraphone-like smoothness to ultra-aggressive, distorted sounds.


The Suitcase

Nothing embodies the evolution of the electric piano better than the 1973 Suitcase: a killer package of keyboard, amp and speakers. To recreate this extraordinary electric piano classic we hunted high and low for a top-quality original, before painstakingly restoring it and faithfully capturing its nuanced sound. With simple intuitive customization and flexible effects options, Vibrant’s Suitcase interface lets you recreate the retro sound of a generation with a magically modern tool.



Vibrant is an extraordinary piano toolbox, with detailed control options and inspiring effects to fire your keyboard creativity. But it’s also incredibly user-friendly, with a non-fussy interface that’s straightforward to master and easy to handle. Use Character Control to alter an instrument’s character from mellow and gentle to rough and wild with just a single control; choose from four effect blocks or experiment with 40 sound presets. Everything you need to perfect your own evocative vintage sound.



Four effects modules allow you to choose from 12 effects including auto pan, phaser, reverb, chorus and much more. You can also customise the signal chain of the effects you choose. So whether you want that classic west coast phaser effect to the Rhodes that we all know and love, or you just want to get creative and experiment, its all there in front of you in a fun and easy to use user interface.

Feature Summary

The Instruments

Four Electric Pianos: Stage, Suitcase, Wurli, Clavi.


Character control to transform the sound with a single knob.


18 effect types, 40 presets.


Effects chain with four separate effect blocks.

Technical Specifications

  • Download Size: 12 GB Download
  • 24-bit, 44.1 kHz

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