Pure Piano is a concert grand piano instrument featuring a unique Morphpad, providing a range of sounds from intimate to cinematic. Like an XY pad, the Morphpad has nine core piano timbres. The central "pure" piano is surrounded by eight presets, blend timbres to create unique sounds, and utilize the Morphpad's macro control for in-app effects, enriching texture and ambiance.


Pure Piano Trailer

Pure Piano Trailer

Morph Pad Demo

Pure Upright Walkthrough

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Pure Piano Audio Demo
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Showing the Pure Piano UI on a tablet


Similar to an XY pad in its flat, tactile nature, the Morphpad offers up nine different timbres of the piano for you to explore as you guide your finger seamlessly through the wide variety of tonal colours available to you. As you do so, the various timbres blend together allowing you to create your own sounds comprising combinations of neighbouring presets for you to save and recall. It doesn’t stop there either. The Morphpad is linked to the app’s inbuilt EQ, reverb and delay and so operates as a macro control adding even more to the experience by way of ever changing texture and atmosphere, all from just one single piano.

Pure Piano Sound Palette

Sound Pallette

The “pure” concert grand sits untouched at the heart and centre of the morphpad, surrounded by eight more descriptively named presets; Intimate, Mellow, Pad, Reverse, Cinematic, Detune, Bright and Percussive. As the proximity of the morphpad cursor moves towards each preset, the uniquely coloured circles expand to indicate how much of that particular sound you are hearing. To see the morphpad in action, see the videos section of this page or click here.


Connect via USB, Standard MIDI, Network or Bluetooth MIDI to experience the sound of a professional grand piano through your headphones or speakers. The app also supports direct connection to your Mac using Inter Device Audio (IDAM). This enables you to easily integrate Pure Piano into your desktop projects by sending MIDI and receiving audio with one single cable. Inter-App Audio also supported for triggering the piano from other apps that you might have installed.

Pure Piano Compatibility


Whether you simply want to open the app and start playing piano or wish to use it in your favourite iOS music production software such as Cubasis or Garageband… we have you covered. Pure Piano works as a standalone app or as an AUv3 plug-in within your iOS DAW of choice. Not only that, but providing the DAW supports automation, you can record your morphpad movements in real-time and adjust the transitions later should you wish to do so.

Showing the Pure Piano UI on a tablet


Equipped with Zynaptiq QREV reverb technology, sound creation becomes even more creative. Maybe you want to add a long reverb tail to add some extra atmosphere, adjust the 3-band EQ or experiment with some delay. It’s up to you. With “Control by Morphpad” turned on, the Morph Pad cursor will act as a macro control changing the FX settings as you move it. Simply unlink any of the audio effects from the Morphpad to dial in your own settings.

Pure Piano Customization


The stretched, concert piano tuning is how a piano technician would tune the piano for concerts in order to achieve rich tonal chord textures across the entire range. The equal temperament tuning on the other hand is the standard western tuning scheme, best for when layering Pure Piano with other sounds like electric pianos, pads or strings. Also provided is the ability to transpose the piano up or down in either semi-tones or Hz for fine tune adjustments.

Feature Summary

Interactive Morph Pad

Explore the many timbres of a concert grand as you guide your finger seamlessly through the wide-ranging tonal palette of the piano

Sound Palette

Mix and blend between nine core sounds ranging from mellow and intimate tones to surreal, cinematic textures

Studio Quality Audio

Studio Quality Audio at Ultra-low Latency – Expertly recorded and optimised for iOS

Extensive Connectivity

Connect via USB, direct or Bluetooth MIDI to experience the sound of a professional concert grand through your headphones or speakers


Standalone and AUv3 plug-in compatible - Plug and play, or use within your favourite iOS music production software

Zynaptic Reverb

Zynaptiq QREV Reverb – Have fun adding extra atmosphere and depth to your sound


3-Band EQ and Delay – Get creative with customizable EQ and Delay, or use the Morphpad as a macro control


Save and Load Your Own Presets – Wherever you land on the Morphpad, if you like the sound you hear – save it and recall it again later


Flexible Tuning Options – Choose between equal or stretched tuning, and transpose the piano by semitones or Hz


Customizable velocity curve – Match the response of your keyboard to Pure Piano

Technical Specifications

  • 24-bit, 44.1 kHz
  • Requires iOS 15 or above
  • 1.1 GB installation